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Temukan berbagai inspirasi, artikel, tips dan informasi seputar dunia HR (Human Resource), Karyawan dan Payroll. Dapatkan juga solusi terbaik untuk management HR bersama Appsensi

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Business Insight - April 20, 2022

Understanding Types of Growth Strategy and How To Develop It

A business will increase in level by using stairs, not by elevator. Each ladder rung indicates the challenges that you must overcome in order to advance to the next level. One wrong step will make you have to start again from the beginning. Each ladder rung represents your company’s growth and your path to success. […]

Business Insight - April 19, 2022

Building A Good and Positive Business Culture

Business culture is one of the key factors when employees look for new jobs. Not only salaries, benefits, and growth opportunities, but also employees believe that business culture is important. Understanding the culture of the company helps to focus on the company’s values, missions, and goals and foster a positive workplace culture that helps employees […]

Business Insight - April 18, 2022

Descriptions of Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management, also known as strategic HRM, is the practice of attracting, developing, rewarding, and retaining employees for both employees’ benefits as individuals and the organization’s benefits as a whole.  It is the process of using HR techniques, including training, recruitment, compensation, and employee relations to make a stronger organization, which is also […]

Business Insight - April 14, 2022

Tips For The Best Onboarding Process for Your Company

The onboarding process is a must-experience comprehensive training and learning process for new employees. It is the process where a new employee is initiated into an organization, which starts from the recruitment and hiring process and stretches over the course of the individual’s first year.  During the onboarding process, new hires were expected to be […]

Business Insight - April 4, 2022

How Much Do You Know About Strategic Planning?

All businesses have a vision or goals they want to achieve. With the achievement of its goals and objectives, a company can then call itself a successful company.  To create or list out your goals or objectives that you plan to achieve in a certain period in the future, or to create an action plan […]